Important #barcampyxe Announcement

oopsBarCamp is tomorrow, and it looks like it’s going to be a good time as usual. I have a quick announcement I’d like to make (which tangentially pertains to a couple of the talks we have listed).

Because I think bitcoin is just so darn nifty, I’m willing to give anyone who finds me at BarCamp and shows me a bitcoin wallet app on their Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry device a shiny new 0.005 of a bitcoin (worth approx. $2 at today’s exchange rate) to do with whatever they please.

You’ll notice iOS is missing from that list. As it turns out Apple isn’t much of a fan of people being able make payments from their devices they can’t take a cut of. Because I’m a nice guy I won’t burden you with the moral dilemma between making Apple happy and using bitcoin. Besides, you clearly have excess money to throw around as it is. As such, if you come demonstrate to me that you’re as terrible at picking a mobile device as I am at growing a moustache, I’ll donate your 0.005BTC to my Movember page.

See you there!

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