Why This Blog?

I love technology. Sometimes I want to tell the world how much I love technology but the world is busy tweeting about what it’s having for lunch.  No problem, I can tell technology about how much I love it.  That’s where the MySQL database behind this site comes in.

I also hate conventional wisdom. I hate it so much I ran as a libertarian in the 2008 Canadian Federal Election. If you know what a libertarian is, that’s some pretty serious hatred of conventional wisdom. The interesting thing (to me; so I’m going to tell this MySQL database about it now) is that it was my very fascination with business and technology which led me from being a Microsoft despising Liberal in around 2000 to being a Windows Phone 7 toting liberty advocate today. And if I can find the time readers (i.e. precious MySQL instance) I want to tell you all about what goes on in my head, where politics and tech collide!