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Important #barcampyxe Announcement

BarCamp is tomorrow, and it looks like it’s going to be a good time as usual. I have a quick announcement I’d like to make (which tangentially pertains to a couple of the talks we have listed). Because I think bitcoin is just so darn nifty, I’m willing to give anyone who finds me at BarCamp and shows me a bitcoin wallet app on their Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry device a shiny new 0.005 of a bitcoin (worth approx. $2 at today’s exchange rate) to do with whatever they please. You’ll notice iOS is missing from that list. As it turns out Apple isn’t much of a fan...
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The Future Is The Present!

You know when Marty McFly goes into the future  in Back to the Future 2?  The time he arrives at is right now!  While you’re reading this post!  The current time in California! OMG! Whatever you do don’t fact check this urgent information!  Share! Share! Share! Make your own.
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