BTC Group Mining Summary

This is a WordPress plugin I’m working on for DyslexicZombei’s Miner’s Cooperative. It displays a quick financial summary for a bitcoin miner group buy using the JSON API for (currently) BTCGuild, Eligius and Sample output:

Gross Revenue 0.80657700$25,219.99
Fees Applied-0.41896400$13,100.14
Net Revenue=0.38761300$12,119.85
Net Revenue Per Share=0.38761300$12,119.85
Share Cost-1.02000000$225.00
Net Profit Per Share=0.63238700$213.00
Current ROI=62%94.67%
24 Hour BTC 0.00000000$0.00
Earned NMC 1.86778000 
Worker 1 Hash Rate 0 Gh/s
Last Update: 292 weeks ago | plugin by mootinator

Hashrate Chart: